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June 9th, 2015
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The registration is now OPEN for this year's State Shoot.

This year's State Shoot will be held July 17th - 19th at Stonycreek.

Online Registration / Printable Registration Form / 2015 State Shoot Info Page / Squad Info

Stonycreek is excited to announce that there will be $11,000 of added money for a Main Event Purse at this year's PA State Sporting Clays Championship.

Murry Gerber of Elite Shotguns has generously donated $10,000 toward this year's event and Stonycreek will adding an additional $1,000.

The Maint Event cash purse payout will be as follows:
  • $500 - HOA
  • $350 - Runner-Up

  • $300 - 1st in Class
  • $250 - 2nd in Class
  • $200 - 3rd in Class
  • $175 - 4th in Class
  • $150 - 5th in Class
  • $125 - 6th in Class
  • $100 - 7th in Class
  •   $75 - 8th in Class
  •   $50 - 9th in Class
  •   $25 - 10th in Class

All NSCA members in good standing are eligible for this purse.

Please stop by Elite's booth at the State Shoot and thank them for this very generous donation!!!

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THANK YOU to the following folks for their generous donations towards this year's State Shoot:

Kim Spohn for donating tee-shirts.
Bob Zeigler for donating bottled water.
Steve Edmondson for donating a pair of diamond earrings to be raffled off to PA Lady shooters.
Tom & Jean of Shooter's Solutions for donating shooting towels.
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February 27th, 2015

Congratulations to all the PA shooters on this year's All American, All Region, and All State Teams...

2015 All American 2015 All Region 2015 All State
  • Steve Edmondson
  • R Wayne Davis
  • Joseph Zeitler
  • Deborah Davis
  • Dalton Gallagher
  • Brady Simms - Captain
  • Shawn Kemeter
  • Rodger Becker
    Super Veteran
  • William Smith
    Senior Super Veteran
  • Fred Abbott
    B Class
  • Steve Lundeen
    E Class
  • Jeff Strayer
  • Bill Lundeen
    Senior Super Veteran
  • Vic Ameye
  • Jared Rumer
  • Ryan Smith
  • Brad Powell
  • Brent Hoover
  • Ricky Fung-A-Fat
    Master Class
  • Kim Spohn
    AA Class
  • Dan Harvey
    A Class
  • Jeff Koval
    B Class
  • Scott Roush
    C Class
  • Jan Calaman
    D Class
  • Rick Ott
    E Class
  • Mark Whitehead
  • Barbara Lewandowski
  • Eric Winey
  • Will Brendle
  • Mike Pancerev
    Super Veteran
  • Harry Neil
    Senior Super Veteran
  • Dominick Falini
August 22nd, 2014 CONGRATULATIONS to the newest member of the PSCA Board (2015 - 2018 Term):
  • Wes Russum - PSCA Vice President

  • Jeff Wolfe - PSCA Director-At-Large
July 21st, 2014 CONGRATULATIONS to our 2014 PA State Champion...Jared Rumer!!!

Results from this year's PA State Shoot can be found here...

Also THANK YOU to the following folks:
  • All of the shooters.
  • Thunder Ridge for hosting this year's State Shoot, as well as all the grounds crew and ladies in the club house for their tireless work throughout the shoot.
  • Tom & Jean of Shooter's Solutions for attending and also donating shooting towels to all the shooters.
  • Kim Spohn for donating all the tee-shirts.
  • Chuck Frazier & Mike Luongo for what many shooters described as the "...some of the best targets they've seen...".
July 21st, 2014 Results of the PSCA sponsored "Looney Lewis" are now available and can be found here...

The random score selected was 122. We'll give folks a couple days to review the results before we send out checks, just incase anyone finds an issue with the results. If anyone sees a problem, please contact me at

Thank you.
July 21st, 2014
Ballot Results

There were 88 ballots cast. 8 ballots were discarded due to no NSCA# or shooter not in attendance at the State Shoot.

2016 State Shoot
  • Stonycreek - 36 votes
  • Buffer Creek - 25 votes
  • Castlewood - 19 votes

PSCA President
  • Ricky Fung-A-Fat - 74 votes
  • Mike Pancerev - 1 vote
  • Godzilla - 1 vote

PSCA Vice President (Candidates will be contacted to see if interested)
  • Ed Albright - 3 votes
  • Jeff Wolfe - 3 votes
  • Wes Russum - 3 votes

  • Rodger Becker - 2 votes
  • Terry Shook - 2 votes

  • Al Hughes - 1 vote
  • Bill Appel - 1 vote
  • Craig Bennett - 1 vote
  • Irene Appel - 1 vote
  • Lorne Peters - 1 vote
  • Mike Byrnes - 1 vote

PSCA Secretary (Candidates will be contacted to see if interested)
  • Richard Graver - 3 votes

  • Al Hughes - 1 vote
  • Bryan Liebel - 1 vote
  • Mike Byrnes - 1 vote
  • Wes Russum - 1 vote

  • Robert Crow - 1 vote (unfortunately Robert's in Maryland)
PSCA Treasurer
  • Andy Kireta - 71 vote
  • Nick Evanoff - 1 vote

PSCA Directors-At-Large
  • Terry Shook - 61 vote
  • Steve Zimmers - 59 vote
  • Warren Kerstetter - 57 vote

  • Candidates below will be contacted to see if interested.
  • Jeff Wolfe - 3 votes

  • Al Hughes - 1 vote
  • Jeff McCullough - 1 vote
  • John Peck - 1 vote
  • Nick Cuffin - 1 vote

April 21st, 2014
Congratulations to all the PA shooters on this year's All American, All Region, and All State Teams!!!

2014 All American Team 2014 All Region Team 2014 All State Team
Steve Edmondson (Open)
Michael Luongo (Open)
Joseph Zeitler (Open)

Deborah Davis (Lady)

Shawn Kemeter (Junior)
Brady Simms (Junior)

Dalton Gallagher (Sub-Junior)

Rodger Becker (Veteran)

Tom Megargee (Super Veteran)
William Smith (Super Veteran)

Fred Abbott (Senior Super Veteran)
R Wayne Davis (Open)

Corey A Rugg (Junior)

Bob Zeigler (Super Veteran)

Edward R Stroik (Senior Super Veteran)

Eric McCoy (B Class)

Dr Bill Hardin (D Class)
Jared A Rumer (Open)
Ron Brandenburg (Open)
Ryan Smith (Open)
Jeff Wolfe (Open)
Kim Spohn (Open)

Barbara Lewandowski (Lady)

Logan Knesh (Sub-Junior)

Douglas M Tomlinson (Junior)

Jeff McCullough (Veteran)

Robert C Rohler (Super Veteran)

Dominick J Falini, Jr (Senior Super Veteran )

Ricky Fung-A-Fat (Master Class)

Clifford Abel (AA Class)

James R Dalton, II (A Class)

Leonard D Heino (B Class)

Ray E Noble (C Class)

Rich E Schaffer (D Class)

William Wade (E Class)
January 20th, 2014 This year is an election year for ALL PSCA officers.

Nomination forms can be found under the PSCA Documents section of the Documents page.
September 20th, 2013 Congratulations to Factoryville on hosting the 2015 PA Eastern Zone Shoot.
July 23rd, 2013
2015 State Shoot Voting Results
  • There were 135 ballots cast.
  • 29 ballots were discarded for various reasons, including no NSCA# and non-PA resident.
Buffer Creek - 44 votes
Stonycreek - 62 votes

Congratulations to Stonycreek on being awarded the 2015 State Shoot!!!
July 22nd, 2013 2013 State Shoot PSCA Shell Game Winners

2013 PSCA T.I.P. Winners
June 9th, 2013 Congratulations to this year's Western Zone winner Joe Zeitler!!!

Complete results for the Western Zone can be found here...
Results can also be found by clicking the Western Zone event on the PSCA Shoot Calendar.
May 27th, 2013 Congratulations to this year's Eastern Zone winner Steve Edmondson!!!

Complete results for the Eastern Zone can be found here...
Results can also be found by clicking the Eastern Zone event on the PSCA Shoot Calendar.
May 7th, 2013 Congratulations to all the shooters who made this year's All State Team for Pennsylvania.
  • R Wayne Davis (Open)
  • Doug Tomlinson (Open)
  • Ricky Fung-A-Fat (Open)
  • Ron Brandenburg (Open)
  • Jeff Wolfe (Open)
  • Sherri Megargee (Lady)
  • Will Brendle (Sub Junior)
  • Thomas Black (Junior)
  • Eric D Biegler (Veteran)
  • Robert C Rohler (Super Veteran)
  • Max Wahren (Senior Super Veteran)
  • Mike Pancerev (Master Class)
  • Stacey Lampman (AA Class)
  • Jeffrey M Szuhaj (A Class)
  • James R Dalton II (B Class)
  • John J Macko (C Class)
  • Randall Sheriff (D Class)
  • Ken Wagner (E Class)
Apr. 23th, 2013 Congratulations to all the PA shooters who made this year's All Region Team.
  • Jared Rumer (Open)
  • Joe Zeitler (Open)
  • Kim Spohn (Master Class)
  • Dan Harvey (AA Class)
  • Ed Jones (D Class)
  • Vic Ameye (Senior Super Vet.)
Mar. 6th, 2013 Congratulations to all the PA Shooters who made this year's All American Team.
  • Mike Luongo (Open)
  • Deborah Davis (Lady)
  • Brady Simms (Junior)
  • Corey Rugg (Junior)
  • Dalton Gallagher (Sub-Junior)
  • Shawn Kemeter (Sub-Junior)
  • Steve Edmondson (Veteran Captain)
  • Rodger Becker (Veteran)
  • Edward Stroik (Senior Super Vet.)
Jan. 18th, 2013 Congratulations to Andy Kireta on being elected as the new PSCA Treasurer!!!
July 19th, 2012 Ballot Results
There were 71 ballots cast. 18 were rejected due to no NSCA#.

2014 PA Easter Zone Shoot Host
Central Penn - 19 votes
Rock Mountain - 27 votes

PSCA President
Ricky Fung-A-Fat - 53 votes

PSCA Vice President
Mike Koneski - 51 votes

PSCA Secretary
Peter Hontz - 50 votes

PSCA Treasurer (Candidates will be contacted to see if interested.)
Art Rosenberger - 1 vote
Bob Saudners - 1 vote
Ed Albright - 1 vote
Mike Luongo - 1 vote
Steve Edmondson - 1 vote

PSCA Directors-At-Large
Nicholas Cuffin - 39 votes
Terry Shook - 45 votes
Steve Zimmers - 45 votes
Warren Kersetter - 45 votes
Irene Appel - 5 votes
Jeff Wolfe - 3 votes
Steve Edmondson - 1 vote

Should PSCA Officer terms be extended from 2 years to 3 years?
YES - 37 votes
NO - 16 votes

Should the money used to purchase State Shoot trophies be used instead for money "Back To Class"?
YES - 25 votes
NO - 28 votes
July 19th, 2012 2012 PA State Shoot Results

State Shoot PSCA Shell Game Winners

2012 PSCA T.I.P. Winners
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